What size aircon do you need?

For a precise assessment of the correct size of airconditioner required, a qualified aircon installer will need to do an on-site check as there are a number of different factors to consider. The following information will give you an approximate guide to the aircon capacity required

First multiply the length of your room by the width, then review the recommendation below.

15 to 18 m²      =      9 000 BTU

20 to 25 m²    =      12 000 BTU

30 to 35 m²    =     18 000 BTU

40 to 45 m²     =      24 000 BTU

55 to 60 m²     =     30 000 BTU

Our 5 year warranty

Our Samsung and Alliance aircon products cover a 5 year warranty. *Terms & Conditions apply - review the FAQ's under the About Us page for more information.

Dont know what size heat pump you're looking for?

Indicative volumes per unit are detailed below:

Unit Description                Output                  Indicative Volume  ALLPH35R410                         3.5 KW                     up to 15 000L ALLPH54R410                         5.4kW                       up to 25 000L ALLPH76R410                         7.6kW                        up to 35 000L ALLPH100R410                       10kW                         up to 50 000L ALLPH130R410                       13kW                         up to 64 000L ALLPH160R410                       16kW                         up to 80 000L 

Please note:

* Volumes are indicative to serve as guideline | * Volume calculated max temp req 30 Deg C | * Volume calculated -  pool blanket fitted | * Standard pool with no rimflo design.